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    Piece of pottery - Contact Our Pottery Studio, in Bend, Oregon, for Raku Pottery by Robert Graydon.

Original Pottery Handcrafted Using Raku and Horse Hair Fired Techniques by Robert Graydon

Looking for a unique pottery accent for your home's decor? With more than 35 years of pottery experience, Robert Graydon Pottery unique pottery one-of-a-kind raku pottery, as well as pit fire and horse hair fired pieces, features beautiful and Unique One Of A Kind Pottery.

Our studio, in Bend, Oregon, offers various types of pottery: raku, horse hair, wheel thrown stoneware and pit fired. Come check out our online store today!

We are a locally owned and operated pottery studio and pride ourselves on always providing beautiful pottery, personalized customer service, and competitive prices you can afford. Feel free to contact us, or shop our online store today to find out more. We are based in Bend, Oregon, and ship nationwide.

About Raku-Pottery

The Raku pottery of Robert Graydon is taken red hot from the kiln using tongs or gloves. He places them in a garbage can, or barrel, into a nest of straw, leaves, and pine needles. He then smothers the fire out by placing a lid on the container. Once they have cooled, they are removed, cleaned of ashes and burnt material, and are ready to be sold.

Originally Raku pottery is a type of Japanese pottery that is traditionally and primarily used in the Japanese tea ceremony in Japan, most often in the form of tea bowls.

Robert has adopted many of the Raku pottery techniques, in what is now a more American version to create "one-of-a-kind" pieces most of which he creates on the potters wheel and some are hand built from slabs or coils. No molds are used in his process. All pieces are signed and dated.

About Horse Hair Pottery

The horse hair firing method involves taking unglazed hand burnished pots hot out of a kiln and throwing horse hair on the hot pots. The hair shrivels up and burns black lines onto the white pottery. Learn more about the different pottery processes used in producing original works of art.

About Pit-Fired Pottery

Pit firing is one of the most primitive methods of firing, which involves putting unglazed burnished pots in a pit and burying them in sawdust, firewood and assorted other burnable organic materials. The resulting pile is set on fire from the top and allowed to burn for many hours until all of the fuel is consumed and the pots are removed from the ashes once they have cooled naturally.

Robert Graydon Pottery

Contact Our Pottery Studio, in Bend, Oregon, for Raku and Horse Hair Fired Pottery by Robert Graydon!

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Contact Our Pottery Studio, in Bend, Oregon, for Raku and Horse Haired Fired Pottery by Robert Graydon!

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